Canareggio 5597 30131 Venezia

Tel. 0415237558

P.IVA 01547000271

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The Menù

The "Al Vagon" restaurant offers typical dishes of the local cuisine, with either meat or great fresh seafood

Among the seafood specialties: spider-crab, scallops, mantis shrimp, sarde in saor (sardines with onion sauce), seafood risotto, spaghetti in camicia nera (with cuttle-fish and other seafood), salted cod with polenta (soft corn-meal mush), cuttle-fish alla veneziana, baked turbot with potatoes.

The meat menu includes: potato gnocchi (potato dumplings) and homemade lasagna, liver alla veneziana (with onions), filet al vagon and various combinations of side dishes.

Most of the typical Venetian desserts are homemade.

Our wine list includes fine Italian wines, with an excellent choice of Venetian labels.